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How can HammerBodies help you?
  • Speed, Agility & Quickness
  • Acceleration & Vertical Explosion
  • Core Development & Stability
  • Flexibility & Range-of-Motion
  • General Athleticism
  • Performance Nutrition & System Recovery

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HammerBodies 'Total Athlete' Preparation

How do we build better athletes? By applying a customized approach to every aspect that your development and success depends upon. Training... nutrition... recovery... it's all part of our commitment to 'Total Athlete' preparation. No element stands alone – and all three work together to develop the highest levels of confidence, athleticism and performance in each athlete we train.

4-to-1 Athlete Management

As a HammerBodies client, the focus is on your body, your goals – and your results. And four separate departments within HammerBodies will monitor and guide your training to ensure your success. From the initial stages of evaluation to each and every performance training session, you'll be monitored closely by your individual trainer, your program development specialist, our nutrition department and the clinic director: Four experts at your fingertips to ensure development. It's a true 'performance resource' you won't find anywhere else.


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