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HammerBodies Staff

Fitness & Performance Training Team
Through an extensive interview, evaluation and practical assessment, only the top trainers become part of the HammerBodies team. Why do we go to this extent? Because our system is so dependent upon attention to detail, expertise and an ability to communicate with our clients. Each HammerBodies trainer must be both university-degreed in a fitness or nutrition related field and certified by a recognized industry authority. Our professional training staff is the core of our business – and part of customizing your individual program is matching your needs, goals and personality with an applicable trainer.

Testing, Evaluation & Exercise Prescription Specialists
Customization is the core of everything HammerBodies does – and it begins with our testing, evaluation & exercise prescription department. Beyond a university degree and certification, our highly skilled team of testing and evaluation specialists is specially trained to identify your goals, understand your abilities, test your fitness/performance level and design the best and most efficient fitness program possible to meet your body's specific needs.

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Management Staff

Coach Hammer
Coach Hammer, Owner & President

B.S. Physical Education, Health & Rec. (Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology and Nutrition Science)

For over 30 years, Coach Hammer has been training and educating America on the fundamentals of fitness, nutrition and health. Recognized nationally as an expert on human body development, his inimitable style embodies the idea of what man can perceive, he can achieve.

Beginning HammerBodies back in 1970 while still in college, Hammer has evolved his company throughout changes and advancements in health and fitness. From day one, however, his primary goal has remained the same: to help America "Stay Healthy and Be Fit." Throughout his career, Hammer has been on the cutting edge of individual, group and corporate fitness training, developing and implementing innovative training programs and educational materials for a wide array of organizations and individuals.

Scott Siddens, Director of Training

Reshaunda Thornton, Director of Nutrition


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