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"HammerBodies trainers are athletes themselves. They know a thing or two about performance because they've been there. That's what I like...that's what I trust."
Marcus Patton
Kansas State Wildcats

Customize GameSpeed to your individual athletic needs:
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Quickness
  • Acceleration
  • Explosion
  • Balance
  • Reaction

  • How HammerBodies can work for You:
  • Ind. Mgmt. Program
  • 1-1 Performance Training
  • 2-1 Performance Training
  • 3-1 Performance Training
  • Group Performance Training
  • Team Performance Training

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    Want to perform at GameSpeed? Then you've got to train at GameSpeed. And HammerBodies is where high-performance athletes from across St. Louis – and the nation – are built.

    At HammerBodies, our ability to build better athletes is based on a simple philosophy: It's not about how much you can lift or how much you can squat – it's about how well you can move. Speed... agility... acceleration... balance... high-speed power and strength: These are the tools of maximum performance. And over the last 42 years, we've studied them... we've enhanced them... and we've even built our very own proprietary GameSpeed Training System to teach them.

    GameSpeed training incorporates the same movements of your specific sport(s) – from your bones and joints to your nerves and muscles. We teach your body how to move, how to react and how to explode quicker, stronger and more efficiently. Based on your specific "Performance Blueprint", training will emulate 'in-game' speed, velocity and power to prepare your body for each angle, position and movement that a game setting might demand. And for each rep, each set and each movement, your individual 'sports performance specialist' will ensure proper form, proper technique, and maximum motivation.

    Preparation is the foundation of our GameSpeed Training System. High-speed performance doesn't happen overnight. It takes time – and a steady progression of technique, rhythm and coordination. Your initial 'Performance Blueprint' developed in our testing and evaluation phase will give us a baseline for where you're at, and where to start. And as your body tells us you can do more, we pick up the intensity, the performance and the pace. The goal? To provide you with the highest possible results, in the safest and most efficient manner.

    If you want cookie-cutter training, then expect cookie-cutter results.
    But, if you want intense and personalized athletic enhancement training,
    then contact HammerBodies today.

    GameSpeed Training


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