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"As a practicing attorney, my days are very long. Training at HammerBodies has helped prepare me for workplace demands like never before. Many business professionals end each day or week feeling tired and run down. Through proper training and preparation, I've learned it doesn't have to be that way."
Mike Kaemmerer
St. Louis, MO

The Right Trainer - For You
Just like you, each of our trainers is unique, with different backgrounds, personalities and areas of expertise. And this is a major consideration when we select the appropriate trainer for you - based on results from your testing and evaluation. After all, motivation is an essential part of our training responsibility – the more your specific trainer can understand your specific needs, the better off you'll be.

Flexible Training Options
Aside from 1-on-1 training, we offer 2-on-1 (perfect for husband/wife or two friends/co-workers), and group options depending on your needs. Additionally, should you choose to implement your custom-designed training program on your own, we offer teaching sessions to make sure you understand every rep, every movement and every exercise.

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Maximum Results With Minimum Hassle

When it comes to generating results, we live by a pretty simple philosophy: Technique + Intensity + Strategy = RESULTS. And at HammerBodies, our university-degreed and certified trainers monitor your every movement and repetition to ensure your goals are achieved safely and efficiently.

Aside from the best trainers and the most effective programs for your unique body, we have taken great care in designing our private facility for your benefit and results. Because we are not a gym, training is done only by appointment and under the careful guidance of a professional training specialist. Plus, our corporate setting ensures your privacy. Our goal is make your training as comfortable, as focused and as effective as possible.

We believe in 'foundation training' – and your initial evaluation will tell us where you're at and where your training should start. From cardio and strength training to core development and flexibility, your trainer will guide you through each assigned movement ensuring proper technique and maximum motivation. As your body tells us it can do more, we pick up the pace to provide you with the highest possible results, in the safest and most efficient manner.

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