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4-to-1 Client Management

A customized fitness program is only effective if it's used – and used properly. That's why each HammerBodies Custom Fitness client is monitored by four separate HammerBodies departments/ individuals:

  1. your individual trainer,
  2. your program development specialist,
  3. our nutrition department and
  4. the HammerBodies Staff Supervisor. Four experts at your fingertips to help ensure the results you're looking for – an extra step that you won't find anywhere else.

"HammerBodies isn’t about dumbbells, treadmills or the latest equipment – it’s about knowledge.  Since I walked in the door, the focus was on me and what works for my specific body."
Debbie Goodman
Fenton, MO

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Your Body, Your Goals & Your Training Game Plan

Your metabolism... your genetics... your lifestyle... your goals... everything about you is unique. That's why a generic fitness program – or worse yet a haphazard collection of exercises – will never be as effective as a program customized to every aspect of your body, and your life.

Before any warm up takes place, any treadmill is turned on, or any core movement begins, we customize a training program based on your unique 'body blueprint.' Developed during an initial 90-minute meeting with a specialist from our testing, evaluation and exercise prescription department, this blueprint will serve as a strategic foundation, as well as a benchmark, for your future training success.

Among the elements that comprise your detailed fitness evaluation are the following:
  • Private interview to establish needs, goals and lifestyle and familiarize ourselves with what makes you 'you'
  • Nutrition history review
  • Medical history review & follow up with individual physician(s)
  • Past/current training overview
  • Resting blood pressure and resting heart rate
  • Postural assessment
  • Anatomical flexibility measurement
  • Body composition (lean body weight vs. fat weight)
  • VO2 Max (Cardiovascular capacity testing)
  • Blood work assessment (optional)
At HammerBodies, we not only test – we analyze. And it's our ability to use the information gathered to develop an effective program that truly sets us apart. Upon completion of your consultation, testing and evaluation your evaluator will design the correct exercises, the precise movements and the specific frequency needed to reach your goals. With this individualized fitness game plan in hand, you're ready to train – and you’re ready for results.


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