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"Our family has known Coach Hammer for over three decades as he has coached, trained and consulted with us about proper nutrition, training and health. His training and nutrition programs were a driving force in our two oldest sonsí development into the athletes and football players they are today [Blaine now in the NFL] Beginning in the 7th grade to the present time, Coach Hammer has provided our sons with the training and nutritional goals that formed the foundation as well as the ongoing plans for their athletic success. Coach is a trusted advisor and, more importantly, a close friend of our family."
Chuck & Bev Gabbert

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Train Your Body... Rest Your Body

You train hard... you work hard... you might even play hard. What most people don't understand is that rest and recovery are every bit as important (if not more) as any exercise you will ever do. That's why recovery is an essential part of every HammerBodies Custom Fitness program, prescribed as needed in different forms:

When you think of nutrition, you probably think of 'fueling' your body. That's part of it – but 're-fueling' is just as important. It's pretty simple – when you train, you sweat, you expend energy and you break down muscles and tissues. Food is the key to rebuilding and reenergizing. But not just with any food – the right food. And the HammerBodies Nutrition Department will work with you to ensure you have the knowledge to make the right choices.

Rest Management
When most people think of sleep, they think of reenergizing their bodies. However, what most people don't realize is that sleep is a key vehicle for total system growth between training sessions. That's why HammerBodies makes sure that rest – from sleep cycling to rest progression – is an essential element of every customized program. Remember, HammerBodies is a resource for your success – and we make sure that every element that could make or break it is taken into consideration.

Make recovery a part of your training and nutrition game plan. Contact us today for an appointment.

System Recovery


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