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HammerBodies offers a wide variety of fitness and nutrition programs – and an unmatched ability to customize training to the unique needs of each individual client. Here are just a few examples of the programs we specialize in:



Golf-Fit Training

Just like practicing your swing, executing the appropriate exercises correctly and consistently is critical to getting great results from any fitness regimen.  The program needs to suit your fitness level and needs.  No matter the age, everyone can improve their health and their score.  Using golf-specific exercises will improve all aspects of your game.  Improving flexibility, balance and rotation as well as strengthening the back, wrist, forearms and core will knock points off your score and have you feeling even better when you sink that last putt on the 18th!  Click here for more information.


Program Philosophy

Every 12 weeks – that's the physiological window for improved performance and development. Why? Because your muscles, your nerves and your bones become accustomed to the movements. At HammerBodies, we adjust your 'Body Blueprint' (established during initial testing & evaluation) every 12 weeks, based on your adaptation, your development to date, your evolving goals and your needs. The result? A new customized training program built to ensure maximum physiological benefit – and maximum results.

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Appearance Training
It's probably the single biggest reason people choose to work out – looking good. Maybe you would like to be able to slip into that pair of jeans that have eluded you for so long. Maybe the days, months and years of sitting at a desk have crept up on you. Or maybe you're a mother of two looking to regain that pre-pregnancy form. Whatever your motivation, HammerBodies has been helping individuals just like you for over 35 years. Elevating your appearance takes a very specific type of training – something many people don't realize. Remember, your body is like nobody else's – and our success is based on a keen ability to customize the right fitness game plan for you.

What are your professional goals? More importantly, is your body prepared to take you there? Business professionals face specific demands – stress, long hours, inactivity and constant deadlines. The HammerBodies Exec-U-Fit Program was designed to provide a specific type of training and meal planning that help professionals like you prepare for such demands – customized to your unique job demands, travel schedule, background, goals and lifestyle. The result? Mental stamina... workforce energy... creativity... improved appearance... and an improved level of fitness needed to help elevate your career.

Medical/Health/Injury Training
Some of our clients face very specific health, medical or injury limitations. From conditions such as diabetes and osteoporosis to injury-specific training, we offer customized programs that include very specific movements, training and nutrition designed to help limit/eliminate symptoms or accelerate recovery. In many cases, we work directly with physical therapy and other rehabilitation resources to offer very specific transitional and continual training. Our experience is diverse – and no matter what your health background might be, we can implement a customized program to help 'Elevate Your Life.'


"Before I came to HammerBodies, I was in good shape. Now that I'm here and have experienced their knowledge firsthand, I'm in great shape."
Jim Gulbrandson
St. Louis, MO

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