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"At HammerBodies, nutrition is anything but a gimic or a fad diet – it is truly a way of life. I never fully understood the impact it could have on my health, my job and my life. Now I do."
Sam Grashoff
St. Louis, MO

Your Customized Nutrition Consultation will include:
Comprehensive Goal Review (objectives/needs/etc.)
Current Food Analysis
  • Meal Review (typical day)
  • Grocery shopping patterns/habits
  • III.
    Lifestyle Review (typical day, family, job, etc.)
    Health/Medical History (timeline, medications, stress, etc.)
    Education, Teaching & Preparation
  • Meal planning and nutrition basics
  • Nutrition supplementation education
  • Time management
  • Relationship of nutrition & training
  • Importance of recovery
  • VI.
    Customized Meal Planning & Nutrition Program Development
    Blood work assessment (optional)
    Although the above guideline serves as a foundation for our nutrition review, what separates HammerBodies is our ability to analyze your specific situation and customize a game plan. That's why our nutrition department offers a full menu of nutrition services for individuals and families. Contact us for more information.

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    Eat Your Way to Results

    What and when you eat can influence every aspect of your life – from how you look (appearance, body composition, skin, hair, etc.) and how you feel (energy level, mood, mental clarity, etc.) to your overall health. That's why at HammerBodies, nutrition and training go hand-in-hand. Whether you're a business professional wanting that extra edge to help advance your career, a mother of two interested in a post-natal program, or a family of four wanting a detailed meal and shopping plan, our nutrition department will work with you to create a results-oriented program that fits your needs.

    Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our Registered Dieticians.


    "As a military member in today's high operations tempo, staying fit and employing nutritional strategies is essential.  HammerBodies provides me with a level of physical training that keeps me fit for each scenario I encounter.  The nutritional counseling equips me to make smart food choices at home and abroad.  The knowledge I have gained, coupled with the expert training staff I get to work with, makes HammerBodies a fundamental part of each day. "
    Amy Layhew
    St. Louis, MO


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