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Sports Performance and Nutrition

Performance Training

Our mission is to build better athletes. Each program is customized to the athlete’s ability, goals and sport. Correct exercise and proper nutrition are a science and our personal trainers teach you to safely achieve maximum results.

Building Better Athletes

2013 Workshops & Sports Camps

Workshops and summer camps for football, baseball, endurance and speed training will be posted here soon.

Custom Fitness

Training & Proper Nutrition

For over 42 years, HammerBodies Custom Fitness has been dedicated to training and educating individuals on the importance of fitness, nutrition and health. HammerBodies consists of a team of educated, professionals who are dedicated to improving the health and fitness levels of men, women and children of all ages. Our individually customized fitness training programs will guide you in becoming a better and healthier you.

2013 News & Events

2013 Special coming soon!

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Health & Wellness

Creating a high-performing, health focused organization is a challenge that many companies face. Research shows that organizations implementing a corporate wellness strategy gain valuable benefits through lowered healthcare costs, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and improved morale.

Why choose HammerBodies?

Whether at HammerBodies, in your home or in your office, we are, truly,
"Anything but typical; Anything but a gym."
Today’s society is learning the true value of what it means to stay healthy and be fit.
Our personal trainers are certified exercise specialists that provide fitness and wellness services to Missouri areas such as St. Louis, Creve Coeur, Ladue, Frontenac, Clayton, Chesterfield, St. Charles, St. Peters and others. Our services include personal training, exercise instruction, fitness training, sports performance and team training. In addition, our corporate wellness services include nutrition, stress management and weight-loss counseling. Healthy employees equal more productive employees. It's that simple. HammerBodies develops custom wellness programs for individual or groups of employees as a resource for meeting specific fitness, health and wellness goals in a organizations large or small. Among the most important areas of corporate employee training provided by HammerBodies are personal exercise training and private nutrition counseling. Many people want to exercise to be in better shape, but have no knowledge of proper exercise mechanics.

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